Bulan ini, buku A-Z Bakery mendapatkan keistimewaan karena masuk dalam BAKERY MAGAZINE Vol. 3 / Februari 2013, satu halaman penuh dalam rubrik Book Review, dengan ulasan sebagaimana berikut:

It is important for bakepreneurs, professionals, and even for those who are interested to venture into the bakery business to have a highly-recommended references as their guide. To survive in the bakery business, a bakepreneur should know the ins-and-outs of the bakery, including the informations about the raw materials, the equipments, the bread-making processes, and the most important thing in business: the cost of production.

To answer all the needs of information or knowledge about bakery, M. Husin Syarbini, a Food Technologist who has been over than 15 years working in the food industry, wrote a book which he named A-Z Bakery, Referensi Komplet Fungsi Bahan, Proses Pembuatan Roti, dan Panduan Menjadi Bakepreneur (A-Z Bakery: Complete References of Baker Materials Function, Baking Process, and Guideline to a Bakepreneur), as the references to acquire an indepth understanding about bakery.

Written based on his experience as a professional in bakery product and as a Baking Instructor in a national-class flour company, coupled with his knowledge of bakery ingredients obtained from national and international trainings and seminars he participated in, A-Z Bakery by Syarbini is believed as a new credible references that can enrich the wealth of knowledge related to the bakery, especially bread.

In his book, Syarbini completely explained for A to Z about the bakery business to facilitate his readers to gain the best understanding of it. The classification of bakery products, the ingredients and its functions, the explanation of the equipments, the processes of bread-making; from mixing to packaging, until the calculation of cost-productions, to the importance of the sanitation and hygiene ar well-written on each page of the book.

Petrus Gandamana, a Senior Food Consultant at Baking & Chef Center Jakarta (BCC) and Chief Editor of BAKERY MAGAZINE, addressed his opinion in the foreword of the book that A-Z Bakery is an imprtant book for the future bakepreneurs, and thos who have already run the business, to survive complete in the business. KULINOLOGI magazine editor, Andang Setiadi, also delivered his remarks towards the advantage of the book. Endorsed by the stakeholders who have the capacity and capability in the bakery business makes A-Z Bakery by M. Husin Syarbini as a must-read book among the bakepreneur. Finally, enjoy the delights of the book, dear readers.


Selamat membeli dan membaca BAKERY MAGAZINE edisi Februari 2013, dan tentu saja jangan lupa membeli dan membaca buku A-Z BAKERY juga ya. []

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